Drawn Thread Embroidery!

I got an unexpected class on drawn thread embroidery at R.U.M. last month that I have only just been able to pick up again and work on, recently. I’m not doing such a bad job at it, if I do say so myself! I have one line left! I’m working with linen thread on evenweave linen! So far, I’ve only done mouse teeth, here. I’m debating going back and doing a ladder by adding another row of stitches. As quickly as this goes, it’s an option!


The lovely Lady at RunningwithScissorsAndFabric taught a class on Italian Hemstitch that was FANTASTIC. She has her pdf linked on her blog, but since I haven’t talked to her about sharing it, I’ll let you go find it (click My Articles along the top menu, it’s the first link on the list right now!). I will, however, link you to Mary Corbet’s Italian Hemstitch article right here:Hemstitch-in-drawn-thread-embroidery!

She has a couple of articles about different kinds of drawn thread work with tutorials on doing it. I’m seriously debating researching which of these techniques are period and finishing the napkin I got in class with internal embroidery that’s all drawn work.

ALSO, the lovely and talented Honorable Lady Dianora let me borrow a bobbin lace pillow and some simple patterns. I’m thinking this napkin might get some trim!

One thing at a time, Laur… slow down and focus!

Sorry, that squirrel just popped out of nowhere! Drawn work, drawn work, drawn work… LACE!

I better stop now before I have a new dress with drawn work getting worked up in my head. hahahaha


Until next time!


Edited to add that Allisandre has given her permission for me to link the handout for you because she’s awesome!!! So, here it is!  Enjoy!!!


2 thoughts on “Drawn Thread Embroidery!

  1. SO glad you enjoyed the class. Please feel free to share the link to the class notes. I’m also trying to research which techniques are actually documentable in period but it’s a bit of a thorny path so far. I’d love to have a research partner in this… two heads are definitely better than one. Would love to chat more about it.. will you be at Foxes?


    • I would love to help! I’ll be at Foxes, though down on the archery range for most of the day. I’m day tripping it, so I’m leaving after court. 😦 I’ll try to catch you, though! 🙂


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