The Lewis Chessmen…Embroidered Knight Part 2

So, last week I tackled the history of my Knight in shining Walrus Tusk and I’ve spent a week planning how I am going to attack him. I’ve decided on embroidery as the medium. I tinkered with some threads and settled on silk. I landed on “Warmth” which is produced by Natural Earth Fiber and I’m detailing it with “Earth” from the same company. This silk feels amazing on your hands while you’re working it, too, so it’s like a present to myself! 🙂 I am doing this on evenweave linen, just to make myself not crazy.

First step was transferring the image onto the linen. I will totally admit that I used an orange Crayola fine point marker to do this. I don’t recommend this for a bunch of reasons, but I didn’t want the pattern to get rubbed off and most of the other options I have aren’t good for a project that’s going to sit around on the side table while I work on it. I have two small children, people. I didn’t trace it, I free hand eyeballed it. Here’s the result:



Not bad, if I do say so, myself! I’m kind of excited about him, now, but I’m going to pace my entries so I don’t overwhelm you. LOL Wish me luck!


Until next time,



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