The Lewis Chessmen…Embroidered Knight Part 3

The stitching begins! I wanted a bit of texture on this pieces, so I am going to do most of it in Bayeux Stitch. I worked on this for about 2 hours, trying to keep the stitches matched to the lines so I can go back and fill in the outline stitches later.


What I’ve learned about Bayeux stitch on pieces like this is that it’s important to keep your lines and your second couches straight and regular. If you don’t, it gets chaotic and distracting. So, you’ll see I made it a point to keep the first couch stitches in line, even when I broke to go around an edge that I’m outlining. The same with the second couch stitch. I like the appearance of stitching those in “windows” (in between the two stitches on the previous line), so you’ll see I kept those the same all the way across, too. This is the only thing that makes Bayeux Stitch time consuming. Otherwise, it’s fast and really attractive!

I’m putting this down and going to bed, now.

Until next time!



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