The Lewis Chessmen…Embroidered Knight Part 5

Having finished his hair, I’ve spent today doing fill work.


I did a few different stitches in here, so let me point them out for you. I did a long satin stitch for the Knight’s face, the horse’s mane, and the spear shaft. There are back stitches on the head of the spear to give that piece a different look. Along the edge of the blanket on the horse, I am doing brick stitch, another stitch I’m having to teach myself. This one isn’t as easy, because Mary Corbett doesn’t have a video on it (my go to… *sobs*) and if you do a search for Brick Stitch, you get exactly ONE video. This one:

Which isn’t bad, except that I need to know how to do… *points up* THAT! I’m not trying to cover a piece of fabric! THERE ARE NO GOOD TUTORIALS ONLINE FOR THIS! Someone, throw a girl a bone, please? I’m teaching myself the basics thanks to a few things I found on Pinterest (you can check out my Brickstitch Pinterest Board here).

I seem to be running up against a whole bunch of things I want to learn that there are no directions for online. Fun times.

Until next time,



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