The Lewis Chessmen…Embroidered Knight Part 4

When I first drew this Knight out, I loved how the extent piece had ringlets as his hair. I wanted to keep that look in this embroidery, too. That meant… LEARN NEW STITCH! I chose a Bullion Knot and hunted down my virtual mentor, Mary Corbett, to show me how to do it…

Looks easy enough, right? One problem, I don’t have a milliners needle! I don’t even know what that is! GoogleFu! I found this page on Mary Corbett’s site┬áto explain the difference. It was exactly what I suspected… long needle with an eye the same size as the post of the needle. None of my needles are milliners needles. I was not going to be deterred, however, and I grabbed the longest needle with the smallest eye that I owned. I will say that I am going to shop for freakin’ milliners needles after this, because fighting the eye so that it doesn’t destroy the loops is not easy, AT ALL! So, if you’re learning bullion knots, thanks to this lovely post, PLEASE go hunt down some milliners needles. SAVE YOUR SANITY!

That being said, I still made his ringlets using a different needle. I like them!


You’ll see the problem with this pretty quick, I think. They kind of look like cones going different directions. I’ve been doing medieval stitching for a while now and the “keep the expensive thread on the top of the fabric” mentality has stuck with me. For this reason, I didn’t start each knot at the top like I should’ve. The ones where the cone is smaller on the bottom are the ones that I started from the bottom. *sighs* Live and learn, right? I can do the stinking stitch and I’m shopping for the right needles, too!

Ah, well.

Until next time!